The First Day @ School No. 17

School No. 17 (the official name is “Municipal budgetary educational institution, secondary comprehensive school with in-depth study of mathematics No. 17″) of the city of Tver . Located in Zavolzhsky district at Mussorgsky street , 5.

Tver School No 17
City of Tver – School No. 17 – Main Entrance

School number 17 opened its doors to students in 1939, in 2009 it celebrated its 70th anniversary. Over the years of work from 1939 to 1997 inclusively, more than 7800 students received a certificate of complete secondary education, of which more than 490 graduates graduated with gold and silver medals, which is 6.2% of the total number of graduates.

Tver Secondary school with in-depth study of mathematics No. 17

In 1997, by the decision of the board of the department of the Tver region, the type of the educational institution “Secondary school” was changed to the form “Secondary school with in-depth study of mathematics No. 17”. During the period of the school’s work in the new status, 1,850 graduates received a certificate of secondary complete education, of which 141 graduates were awarded gold and silver medals, which is 7.6% of the total number of graduates.

Tver School No 17 Street View

Since its opening, the school has never stood still, it has developed, strengthened its position, social and business ties. Currently, the school actively cooperates with administrative bodies, various public organizations, educational bodies, with Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov, in particular with the OL of the school of the Russian Academy of Education, with the Tver State University, the Tver Technical University, with the regional archive, libraries, enterprises, organizations, institutions.

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