Kindergarten № 74 City of Tver

Eduard Romanov Kindergarten No. 74

Kindergarten № 74 is a planet where the youngest dreams come true and important tasks are realized. I guess, it was the kindergarten where I realized that Telecom & Communication was something I will be very good at later in my life.

Eduard Romanov 4 years old

Back then, I already knew that I would change telecommunication industry by inventing a much cheaper, better and easier way of placing international calls with with family and friends.

City of Tver Kindergarten No. 74

What can I say, even Mathematics was a blast @ this place not to mention the toys & outdoor space.

In kindergarten No. 74, children try to comprehend the adult world alongside competent educators and their assistants. Developing activities are very diverse. Groups are created by age.

If you are wondering where to give your beloved miracle under the supervision of specialists in a cozy atmosphere, without hesitation, bring it here! Kindergarten № 74 positions itself as a nursery-kindergarten, where the smallest people are always under supervision of truly devoted professionals.

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